We started our week with familiarizing the children with their local area. The children have really settled wonderfully and are forming new friendships within their group. We have been able to enjoy some outdoor circle times whilst the weather has been nice and Wednesday, we reconvened music school. On Thursday the seahorses created footprints as part of their art and craft activity which was a very popular session. Our week was rounded off with story time in the morning, before our outdoor play!

SEAHORSES´plans for the next week:

MA/Mon: Forrest walk – Outdoor circle time / Metsäretki – aamupiiri ulkona

TI/Tue: Ankka park – Parachute games / Ankkapuisto - leikkivarjoleikit

KE/Wed: Music school/ Muskari

TO/Thur: Puzzles, beads, and strings / Palapelejä, helmiä ja naruja

PE/Fri: Beach – jumping, running, movement and stretches / Retki rantaan – hyppyjä, juoksua ja verryttelyä


We started our week by playing the mirror game. Not all of us knew it so it was nice to learn something new! We also played some board games and puzzles while our Viskari friends had their weekly session. This week we had our first Muskari, it was lovely to see Riikka and visit the new premises. We finished our week our first craft of the season: to celebrate summer we made some cool sharks!

DOLPHINS´plans for the next week:

MA/Mon: Play at the beach / Leikkejä rannalla

TI/Tue: Viskari and baking / Viskari ja leivontaa

KE/Wed: Muskari / Music school

TO/Thur: Hama beads / Hama-helmet

PE/Fri: Trip to Kasinoranta / Retki Kasinorantaan

Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: Merihevoset: 050-339 3520 & Delfiinit: 050-323 6406
  • Our phone numbers: Seahorses: 050-339 3520 & Dolphins: 050-323 6406

Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!

Vattuniemen Ankkalampi-Duckies henkilökunta-staff