Viikkokirje 14 / Weekly letter 14

This week started with spending time playing together outdoors. We are currently still having small groups, so the younger duckies did their best in order to follow the bigger ones. And it was a fun week! On Tuesday we baked pancake with the children. Everybody loved the preparing on baking, but the best part was eating it! We have continued the week with a joyful music session where we sang songs about springtime and learned about different instruments as well. Mostly we enjoyed the song about flowers where we get to jump “under the sun” in a circle. Rest of the week was committed to a nice story time and a trip to Paavalinkirkko in order to enjoy outdoors and good company! On the way we saw many Teddy-Bears and rainbows, and that made us really happy. We also talked about their meaning together with the kids.

Next week plan:

Monday: Outdoor Common Games

Tuesday: Easter Arts

Wednesday: Music session

Thursday: Story time

Friday: Daycare Closed


Have a nice weekend! Mukavaa viikonloppua!

Vilma, Blane, Katerina, Marta, Nasra, & Vanda