Viikkokirje 48/ Weekly letter 48

This time we flew to Germany! The week has started with a nice walking trip where our duckies sent their lovely cards to their family members and friends & also we had our weekly airplane game with the new country with some songs, pictures, books and own experiences in the afternoon. On Tuesday we made our own German flag, this time with watercolors technique and the older ones have remembered the previous flags colors and told their own thoughts. On Wednesday we had a nice music session where children practiced Christmas carols & we also ate delicious berlin donuts that our German dad brought for us; everyone was very excited! The week has continued with tasting more German food: bratwurst, potatoes salat and sauerkraut & coloring common German brands cars. On Friday we had a funny puppet show and also our yearly porridge party! The celebration was full of young Santa’s helpers, Christmassy decoration and loooots of porridge, of course!

Next week plan:

Monday: Making our own movie – FROZEN clothes / colors (blue or white)

Tuesday: Outdoor traditional Finnish games / Arts (Finnish candles decoration)

Wednesday: Music session / Baking (blueberry pie)

Thursday: Independence party

Friday: Moomin activity


Have a nice weekend! Mukavaa viikonloppua!

Marta, Nasra, Maija & Sofia