Viikkokirje 26 / Weekly letter 26

The end of this term is just around the corner and some of our duckies have started their summer holiday, so we had already mainly finished our pedagogical and educational activities for this year. Therefor we decided to spend the remaining days in a way that the children would have a chance to decide and choose what they wanted to do each day. We were spending a lot of time enjoying the sunny outdoors with water games and playing with our best of friends! On Tuesday we also welcomed new duckies to come and visit us and get to know the place since they will start the new season with us next fall. New beginnings are always so exciting!

Meidän 5 vuotiaan Lumin tekemä runo:

Niitty on kaunis

loikkii pihalla jänis

ja leikkii tytön kanssa

Aurinko paistaa kaikissa

sateenkaaren väreissä


Next week plan:

Monday: Summertime Activities & Free Play

Tuesday: Summertime Activities & Free Play

Wednesday: Daycare Closed

Thursday: Daycare Closed

Friday: Daycare Closed


Have a nice weekend! Mukavaa viikonloppua!

Vilma, Stella, Katerina, Marta, Nasra, & Vanda