The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Spring is here to stay! More outdoors activities have been and will be planned to give our Waterstars the opportunity to explore, enjoy the nature and the sunny days as well as each other’s company. This week was all about Easter celebration, so Easter craft was the norm. Waterstars put their creativity into practice when creating their own ornament to decorate the classroom walls. Nonetheless, our Easter Egg was our master piece. In Preschool, the activities in the book continued as well as the money project. In Viskarit, children showed their independence as they practiced their problem-solving skills and reinforced their self-confidence through a craft activity. Our trip day was reserved for church. Our Ankkalampi children went to Temppelinaukion kirkkoon to attend to an Easter story telling. Happy Easter, Family!!!!


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Dear families! This week with the Waterlilies, we prepared for the coming of Easter, and reflected on what the celebrations meant, at many different levels: the changes that Spring brings to our planet, but also to our hearts and minds!

After music Monday, we sat down on Tuesday for a science craft: we looked at how the orbit of the Earth, along with the tilt in its axis, creates seasons. We demonstrated it using a ball and flashlight, and then we built a paper model of the earth and sun. In the afternoon, we seized the opportunity to build a model of the solar system at the park. Were the sun a 10cm ball, how big (and how far!) would the planets be? We focused on the inner planets (pinheads, all of them!), and measured some 16 meters all the way to Mars. Next stop, Jupiter, was outside of the park already, and we would have needed to walk beyond the Kamppi mall to find Pluto. 

On Wednesday, we chose to join the other groups (Reeds and Waterstars) on their Church visit. There, we heard the story of Jesus resurrected, and its message of hope; the renewal of life. We sang songs and listened to the piano and the organ! After that, back at the kindergarten, we held a late morning circle to discuss all of that, which was a welcome thing as some children thought the Jesus story was a bit scary. We talked about the stories that grown-ups like to tell each other, and observed there can be many of them! And in the end, they all come with the same message, which is one of hope. 

Later that day, we relaxed in the afternoon with short movies, notably a contemplative chinese animation from the 60s: Feelings of mountains and water, which was strangely similar to the stories from the morning! 

Today, we headed for the beach in Hietsu, for a jumppa session in the sun. Ball games, free roaming, shoes optional. Some of us even got to dip our toes in! A nice start for the weekend already!

A wonderful Easter break for you all. See you on Tuesday!


The Reeds - Kaislat

This was a short, sunny week with a full program. It was all about Easter celebration. We started this week on Monday with our music lesson.Afterwards went outside to play in the sun and enjoyed that Spring is coming! We had a lovely trip to the Winter Gardens to see a puppet show on Tuesday. The children are nowadays so used to go by public transportation that we can see how sweet and good behaved they are when we go for a trip. Well done Kaislat!! On Wednesday we went to Temppeliaukion kirkkoon to attend an Easter storytelling. We also took our Easter grass home that day and we noticed how fast the grass had grown. On the last day before Easter we crafted an Easter card for our family. Hopefully the weather will continue to be as nice on your Easter weekend. So we wish you all a Happy Easter, enjoy the nice weather and see you next Tuesday.




The Waterstars – Vesitähdet

Mon 22.4.     Closed
Tue 23.4.      9.00 morning circle, Preschool/Viskarit

Wed 24.4.      9.00 morning circle, 9.20 Töölö Park

Thu 25.4.      9.00 morning circle, Peikkopark
Fri   26.4.      9.20 Common Circle at the gym, 9.40 Gym, Toy Day


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Mon 22.4     closed

Tue 23.4       9:00 morning circle 9:30 craft

Wed 25.4      9:20 departure for an observation walk in Lauttasaari

Thu 26.4       9:00 morning circle 9:30 gym

Fri 27.4        9:20 common circle 9:45 show and tell/ toy circle


The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon 22.4.     Closed
Tue 23.4.      9.00 morning circle, English club and storytelling.

Wed 24.4.     9.00 morning circle, blossom craft

Thu 25.4.     9.20 playground trip, children’s choice.
Fri 26.4.      9.20 Common Circle with a guest speaker (talk about equality) at the gym,




Kaislat–The Reeds 050 465 1225, Lumpeet–The Waterlilies 050-4142143,

Vesitähdet–The Water Stars 050-4062049, Mini-Ankat 050-3649020.


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