The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Vesitähtien mukavaan viikkoon mahtui vaikka mitä jouluista puuhaa! Joulusiivous, piparien leivontaa, joulukirkko sekä tietysti joulujuhla! Viikon kruunasi vielä perjantain lelupäivä. Oikeastaan koko viikon teema joulun lisäksi voisi sanoa olleen yhteisöllisyys ja yhdessä tekeminen, sillä kaikkien jouluisten aktiviteettien takana oli asia, joka yhdistää meitä; piparit leivottiin yhteisesti syötäviksi ystävien ja perheiden kanssa sekä joulusiivouksessa pidettiin huolta yhteisestä luokkahuoneesta ja tavaroista. Joulujuhla kirjoitettiin ja suunniteltiin yhdessä, sekä kirkkoretki antoi yhteisen rauhoittumishetken keskellä kiireistä viikkoa. Eli viikko täyttyi juuri niistä asioista, joista joulussa on kyse! Suuri kiitos torstain juhliin osallistuneille ja ihanaa yhdessäolon täyteistä viikonloppua kaikille!


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Dear families! This week we relaxed a little, put on our woollen socks and fur hats, and have enjoyed the beginning of the slooow build up to Christmas. For that we cut, we pasted, we mixed, rolled and squished and sung in great anticipation. 

On Monday morning, we went to Sammonpuisto for a change of scenery, and played the whole day. On Tuesday, we got busy with the crafting, preparing for the coming Christmas party. We went in small groups over to the Minis side to prepare gingerbread cookies, while the rest were making decorations: candy canes, Christmas trees, origami for some of us, snowflakes and snowmen, SANTA TOO! 

On Wednesday, we left early with the Waterstars for a visit to Töölönkirkko. There were many other groups, and we all got to hear the organ roar, the piano play, and a story told -and sung!- about a certain very old Christmas miracle, some 2000 years ago, over yonder in Galilee. 

Thursday, most of you were able to happily join us in song and in style for our Christmas party. We sang, and thanked, and hugged each other in the spirit of Christmas! There was also the opportunity to look into the children’s own Growth folders, and see a few new photos and crafts added there during the fall. Thank you all for coming, and congratulations again to the children and choir master for a great performance. 

Happy toy day today, and a lovely weekend to all. Next week will be our final one before the holidays, let’s make it a fun one. Ho ho ho. 


The Reeds - Kaislat

What an exciting week it was. We are getting closer to Christmas and the Elf put all kinds of notes in our Christmas calendar. Monday he hid coloring sheets behind the sideboard. We hung them next to the Christmas tree where you can admire them. We also made wreaths that we will take home for the holidays to decorate our own room. On Tuesday we worked in small groups. One group practiced words that started with C, and the other group did games with words that started with letter T. We learned some new words and it was fun at the same time! Wednesday the Elf gave us ingredients to bake gingerbread cookies for our Christmas party. Tasting the dough was the best! On Thursday we had our big Christmas performance. We were a little bit nervous, but we had practiced a lot, so all went well. All our parents applauded for our songs and moves; it was awesome. Thanks a lot for joining and sharing that time with us! Then Friday the big common circle where we talked about Christmas story with the nativity scene and we heard a story about Rudolf and talked about being kind to others who might look different than us. Of course, we also listened all week to Christmas songs. Next week will be our last week before Christmas and we will have a special lazy pajama day on Tuesday. So be prepared and come to school in your pajamas. See you next week and enjoy your weekend!



The Waterstars – Vesitähdet

Ma 17.12        9.00 aamupiiri, Lautapelejä yhdessä

Ti 18.12         9.00 aamupiiri, jouluaskarteluja
Ke 19.12        9.00 aamupiiri, leikkiä ja vapaavalintaista puuhaa
To 20.12        9.00 Retki katsomaan Stockmannin jouluikkunaa
Pe 21.12        9.20 talon aamupiiri, legorakennelmien purku -juhla


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet
Ma 17.12        9.00 morning circle, 9:30 off to the park!

Ti 18.12         9.00 morning circle, 9:30 christmas craft
Ke 19.12        9.00 morning circle, 9:30 Trip to Kansallismuseo to see the Christmas decorations
To 20.12        9.00 morning circle, 9:30 christmas gym!
Pe 21.12        9.00 morning circle / show and tell / toy day; 9:40 cleaning


The Reeds – Kaislat

Ma 17.12        9.20 Trip to Kansallismuseo yard to see the Christmas decoration

Ti 18.12         9.00 morning circle, PAJAMA day and movie. Children come in pajama’s to school
Ke 19.12        9.00 morning circle, Christmas craft.
To 20.12        9.00 morning circle, children’s choice day and story.
Pe 21.12        9.00 morning circle , NO TOY DAY , cleaning



Kaislat–The Reeds 050 465 1225, Lumpeet–The Waterlilies 050-4142143,

Vesitähdet–The Water Stars 050-4062049, Mini-Ankat 050-3649020.



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