The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

This Week, Waterstars used a new strategy in Art to give texture to their painting, Raised Salt Painting. A winter mitten was made and painted in beautiful tones of blues and pinks. Later salt was scattered on the surface of it to create a unique effect. As well, literacy was part of our week. Children were introduced to letters Y+P + J which were practiced through workstations, stories, and individual exercises. Our literacy lessons continued at the end of the week with a visit to Oodi library where Waterstars had the opportunity to read and explored books of their interest. The week ended with some movement. During gym, the children put into practice their creativity and listening skills by carefully paying attention to the change of the beats. Waterstars Family, we wish you all a restful and peaceful weekend!

NOTE: As a way to promote and motivate children to play tennis, the Tennis Club HVS will be part of our weekly planning. On Monday, staff members will join us to introduce this sport to our Waterstars. On two Friday’ on the following weeks (24.1. and 31.1.), we will have free tennis lessons in Taivallahti tennishalli. Please, make sure that your child brings his/her backpack with indoor shoes, gym clothes, and a water bottle on Friday 24th. The rackets and any other equipment will be provided there.

The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

This week our Lumpeet got merrily back to work, after an easy start of the year. We slid back into our routines, and got our clocks and calendars out to appreciate the passing of time and map out the coming months. On Monday and after Muskari the Viskari and Nelskari groups got all together to look at the clock dial. We arranged the numbers around it, made sense of those two little pointy things, and reflected on our favourite time of day with a quick drawing. Peppa Pig showed up too, to tell us the story of Grandpa Pig's silly cuckoo clock; the bird popping out being of course the best part, but then that pesky waiting and watching was rather annoying. On Tuesday, it was double-bill for our trip day: we went first to play games in Nervanderinkenttä, and then pushed on to Temppeliaukio for some much-needed free play. Wednesday, an indoors gym session had the children first play a game of musical chairs under varying tempos, exercising our ability to move very slowly - and of course, very quickly too, at which we found out we excelled! Next came the obstacle-course building, an all-time favourite. For craft Thursday, we grabbed our pencils and fired up the laminating machine in an effort to make a calendar for our morning circle board. The children got more familiar with dates, the months of the year and the seasons to reflect on their favourite times of the year - how to best represent them, when written names are still an abstract for many of us? It is still a work in progress, but come see it soon! Today Friday, we gathered for a fun group painting exercise at common circle. Happy toy day, as always, and a lovely weekend to all. 

The Reeds – Kaislat

Dear families. This week was all about “Frozen”. Lovely to see how much the children liked this topic, and amazing how much they knew about it! We started on Monday with some own work; some children showed their cutting skills, some their coloring skills and some their creative skills with building an Olaf out of play-dough. After that they attended the first music lesson of the year. Tuesday one group learned more about English language through the “ Frozen” memory game and the other group had a Frozen gym game. In the afternoon we had our small group play and they decided together what activity they wanted to do. On Wednesday we made a wonderful big Olaf snowman. As a team, they cut and glued and created our lovely Olaf. You can admire him in our small hallway. All went very well on our trip on Thursday. We had fun and walked very nicely while watching the nature changing into Spring already. In the afternoon we held the first Children’s Board meeting of this year and the children came up with a lot of suggestions for our trips, crafts and topics. The week ended with our Toy-day. Next week we will continue our Winter topic…….let’s hope it will start snowing! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


The Water Stars - Vesitähdet

Mon 20.1. 9:30 HVS-tennis introduction in Ankkalampi/HVS-Tennis esittäytyy 10:45 Music lessons/Muskari 13.00 Nursery nurse students keep circle time/Lähihoitaja opiskelijat pitävät iltapäiväpiirin

Tue 21.1  9:20 Small group: Preschool book; practicing the letters H, Ö and V/ & model of the solar system/Pienryhmätoimintaa: Eskarikirjoista, harjoitellaan kirjaimia H, Ö ja V. Lisäksi tehdään malli aurinkokunnasta.

Wed   22.1  9:20   Temppelinaukio Park/Temppeliaukion puisto 10.00 Practice Exam/Harjoitellaan testeihin

Thu    23.1 9:20   Small Group: Mathematical activities (measuring)/ Model of the Solar System/Pienryhmätoimintaa: Matematiikka tehtäviä (mittaaminen)

Fri      24.1 9:40 Tennis Free lesson in Taivallahden Halli. Bring the backpack with indoor shoes, gym clothes and a water bottle
Ilmainen tennistunti Taivallahdessa. Otathan repussa mukaan sisäkengät, jumppavaattet sekä vesipullon.

The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Mon 20.1  9:30 Music lesson/muskari, 10:20 viskari+nelskari: one year around the sun/vuosi auringon ympäri

Tue   21.1  9:20 Departure for Töölönlahti park/Lähtö Töölönlahden puistoon

Wed 22.1  9:30 Gym: cheerleading 101!/Jumppa: cheerleading 101

Thu   23.1 9:30 Craft: night & day/Askartelu: yö ja päivä

Fri    24.1 9:00 Happy toy day/Lelupäivä

The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon 20.1  9:20 Own task table activity/Pöytätehtäviä 10:15 Music lesson/Muskari

Tue   21.1  9:20 group 1 English club/Ryhmä 1 English club, 2 group Topic Frozen gym/Ryhmä 2 Frozen aiheinen jumppa. Afternoon; small group play/Iltapäivällä pienryhmätoimintaa

Wed 22.1  9:20 Northern lights craft/Revontuli askartelua

Thu   23.1 9:20 Leaving for trip to Oodi/Retki Oodiin

Fri    24.1 9:20 Big Common circle and toy day.


Kaislat–The Reeds 050 465 1225, Lumpeet–The Waterlilies 050-4142143,

Vesitähdet–The Water Stars 050-4062049, Mini-Ankat 050-3649020.


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