The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Happy Independence Day, Family! This week Waterstars were excited to celebrate one of the most important days in Finland, The Independence Day. Ankkalampi Töölö got together at the end of the week to commemorate this day as we can only do by welcoming the presidential duo, ballroom dance, a speech by two of the preschoolers, and a toast. Afterwards some social activities took place to end this amazing festivity as one Ankka family. Prior to this magnificent event, Waterstars worked diligently on having our Christmas Show ready for next week. Together with this, our Christmas spirit was reenergized after watching Joulupukki ja noitarumpu at the movie theather. We cannot wait for you to see what Waterstars have prepared for you, parents…Parents, see you all next week at 15.30 for the Christmas Party!

The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

The forthcoming Independence Day celebrations have been the subject of the week. On Monday, we practiced writing the letter “V” and learned antonyms by comparing each others’ facial and body features as well as the objects around us. The excitement also began on the same day as we started opening our Christmas calendar wherein we are getting tasks from Santa’s elf. Our trip on Tuesday turned out to be a fun and educational experience. We went to the area around market square and got to know about the surrounding buildings. We stopped by outside the Presidential Palace and talked about the upcoming festivities to be held there and even saw some ongoing preparations. In the morning circle on Wednesday, we shared the things that we like and love about Finland and everyone agreed that sauna is definitely at the top of the list. In craft, some of us were drawing and painting the most well-known Finnish buildings while others were building them with Duplos. We were all beautifully dressed up for the much anticipated Independence Day Gala on Thursday and we all had a fantastic time. Have a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Christmas party!

The Reeds - Kaislat

Dear families. How excited the children were when they saw the 'Tonttu ovi' in our classroom. Now the 'tonttu' can visit us every day. We can't wait to open the little bags in the morning and crossing out the dates. We are getting closer and closer to Christmas! This week was also about Finland and the Independence Day. We sang the national anthem and we rehearsed the Christmas songs. Tuesday, we had Finnish club and talked about the flag, the national animal, flower, fish, instrument etc. Wednesday we made the candles craft, the two candles that we put in our windowsill on the evening of the 6th of December. We also made some decoration for Thursdays party. Finally on Thursday we had our big party. We were all dressed up and ready to meet the presidential couple. After shaking hands, we listened to the speech and we had a nice party afterwards. Waltzing, dancing and having fun. It was a wonderful short but busy week. We wish you all a very happy Independence day celebration and a good weekend. See you all next week Wednesday at 15:00 at the Christmas party!!




The Water Stars - Vesitähdet

Mon    9.12   9:00 Morning circle, Christmas Craft

Tues 10.12    9:00 Morning circle, 10.30 Puppet Show only for Ankkalampi groups

Wed   11.12 9.30 Stockmann Christmas Window,15.30 Christmas Party (Bring the Christmas hat)

Thurs 12.12 9:00 Morning circle, 9.30 Preschool book

Fri      13.12 9:20 Common circle; 10.00 Ankkalammen Mestari-Ankkojen pikkujoulut (Bring the Christmas hat)




The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Mon    9.12    9:00 Morning Circle, 9:30 Viskari, 14:00 Baking ginger bread.

Tues   10.12.   9:20 Trip to Stockmann Christmas Window, 14:30 Nelskari

Wed    11.12   9:00 Morning circle and rehearsal, 9:30 Classroom Decoration, 15:30 Christmas Party

Thurs 12.12   9:00 Morning Circle, 9:30 Craft

Fri      13.12    9:00 Toy Circle, 9:30 Common Circle


The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon    9.12    9:00 Christmas Calendar, Music circle with performance rehearsal. 14:00 baking ginger bread.

Tues    10.12. 9:00 Morning circle with Christmas Calendar. 9:20 English club and gym

Wed    11.12  9:00 Morning circle with Christmas Calendar and rehearsal, 9:20 Decorate classroom, 15:00 Christmas Party !!!!!

Thurs 12.12   9:00 Tripday to Temppelinaukion kirkko

Fri      13.12 9:00 Toy circle, Toy-day. 14:15 Christmas disco.



Kaislat–The Reeds 050 465 1225,Lumpeet–The Waterlilies 050-4142143,

Vesitähdet–The Water Stars 050-4062049, Mini-Ankat 050-3649020.



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