The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Week has just passed so fast! Music school day is always the favourite of everybody. In preschool we studied the letter “A” this week. Thank you, parents, for sharing your picture during your trip to Europe, it refreshes their happy memories and they loved sharing the story behind the pictures. It was fun also that we were able to visit the Töölön Library and barrowed books that will help us to explore more about Europe. Making paper mask is phenomenon! Especially the boys love it so much, we played as a superhero´s to save the world. Have a relaxing Weekend!

The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

What a week! The tour around Finland was a success! It was a very educative experience. It was a real delight to see our Duckies exploring and discovering what make Finland unique by watching videos, reading books, painting, participating in outdoor gym, and enjoying the walking tour. However, seeing our little ones paying respect to the Finnish National Anthem before having lunch is an image that will be remembered as a memorable moment. Next week, Germany, here we go! Fasten the seat belts because another European fun week is ahead of us.

This week we also talked about being mindful during toilet time but most importantly about asking for help if assistance is needed after using the toilet. Please, talk to your little one about it and encourage him/her to reach Jani and/or Anny when they need help.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for supporting and participating in the Waterlilies’ activities, especially, in the Finnish Spirit Week. Have a lovely weekend, Ankka family!

The Reeds – Kaislat

What an exciting journey we had this week to our beloved neighbour Sweden. We were ecstatic to get the first stamp in our passports and learned a little bit about their culture. We made a crayfish hat wherein we were able to rehearse our gluing and sorting skills. Furthermore, we practiced counting and recited a mealtime poem in Swedish. Everyone was on cloud nine on our gym day! Apart from developing our gross motor skills specifically running, sharpening our listening skills and following instructions were our focus. Our trip to Taivalahti was equally fun, getting there was so smooth and easy. We wrapped up our week with lots of singing and dancing wearing our crayfish hats. Ha en trevlig helg!



The Water Stars - Vesitähdet

Mon/Ma: Music, Play Club/Muskari + Leikkiklubi

Tue/Ti Preschool:Letter I+Viskari Lesson,Music + PlayClub/ Eskari I-kirjain+ Viskari:suomenkielinen viskaritunti, muskari+ Leikkiklubi

Wed/Ke Trip to Sibelius monument/ Retki Sibeliusmonumentille

Thu/To Preschool:Seikkailujen+Viskari Ulkotoimintaa / Eskari: Seikkalujen eskari+Viskari Outdoor activity

Fri/Pe Jumppa/ Gym


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet 

Mon/Ma Emotions and Feelings: What Makes us Feel…” Activities, Music/Tunteet: “Mitä tunnemme kun…”, Muskari

Tue/Ti Let’s Explore Germany; Viskarit (English) and the 4-year-old group activity/Tutustutaan Saksaan. Viskari tuokio sekä 4v. ryhmä

Wed/Ke Fußball at Töölönlahden (Wear your favourite team T-shirt)/Jalkapalloa Töölönlahdella (Voit pukea lempijoukkueesi t-paidan päälle)

Thu/To Gym: Balancing and Coordination, Art: German Pretzel/Jumppaa: tasapainoilua ja koordinaatiota- Askartelussa: Saksalainen pretzel

Fri/Pe   Small Group Play to practice social skills and group integration: Art, Wooden Blocks, and Games/Pienryhmätoimintaa; sosiaaliset taidot ja ryhmäytymistä


The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon/Ma Muskari / Music lesson

Tue/Ti Revontuli maalausta ja norjalaiseen musiikkiin tutustumista / Northern light art & craft and getting to know norwegian music

Wed/Ke Jumppaa Nervanderin puistossa / Outdoor gym at Nervanderin Park

Thu/To Retki Hesperian puistoon / Trip to Hesperian Park

Fri/Pe Leikkipäivä ja lasten valitsema leikkipuisto / Playday and the park of kids choice



Kaislat–The Reeds 050 465 1225, Lumpeet–The Waterlilies 050-4142143,

Vesitähdet–The Water Stars 050-4062049, Mini-Ankat 050-3649020.


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