Punavuori Duckies

Our Midis and Maxis have had a wonderful week, full of fun activities and events all related to the theme ‘’Numbers and counting’’.  The MestariDucks have been working on the weekly theme of horse.

Next week´s program will look like this:

Weekly program for Midis and Maxis:

Monday                Hand crafts
Tuesday                Motion
Wednesday           Field trip (please notice that we leave 9:30 from the kindergarten!)
Thursday              Music
Friday                   Free play

Weekly program for MestariDucks (pre school):

Monday                Music
Tuesday                Motion
Wednesday           Field trip to library (please notice that we leave 9:30 from the kindergarten!)
Thursday              Hand crafts
Friday                   Free play


Important dates:

29.11 Pre-Christmas party for children - children can wear elf hat
08.12 Last day to compleet the Early Childhood Education Customer Satisfaction Survey
17.12 Christmas party 8:30 - 9:30 for parents and children


Other important information:

Advent calendar: speaking about Christmas... counting down the days till Christmas, during the common circle we will every day discuss our Advent calendar. To encourage social interaction between the children we would like to fill our calendar with riddles about the kids. For example: “He has brown hair, he likes to play football and every Sunday he visits his grandpa and grandma.” The other children have to guess who this is about. We ask you to send us a short riddle about your own child by e-mail or text message before Friday November 29th. 


Our phone numbers:

Midi & Maxies 050 517 3112  & Mestarit (pre school) 050 517 4000