It has been a great and sunny week in Punavuori Duckies. We enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors but this week we also had our first indoor activities. The kids were so happy to be reunited again with their friends but we are still waiting for some of them to return back after their wonderful summer break. This week our little duckies have been drawing their own family-portraits. We were amazed to see how they were so excited about the task and how well they were using their imagination. Have a wonderful weekend!  



Mon 24.8.: Play day  

Tue 25.8.: Story day 

Wed 26.8.: Craft day 

Thu 27.8.: Craft day 

Fri 28.8.: Play day 

The weekly program may change if necessary 


Important dates

Vanhempainilta vk 38 / Parents’ meeting week 38  

Valokuvaus 15.9. / photography 15.9. 


Our phone number!

Duckies 050 517 3112

Emma, Nea & Becky