WEEK LETTER VK 14 / 2020



The Pakila group started the week with an obstacle circuit. On it, they had different platforms to climb and get up on them. They also had to walk on a bench, keep the balance standing on one leg, rolling… Besides, they were able to practice the waiting for their turn and following rules. For the oldest ones we added a little difficulty: memory game after and before the circuit. On Tuesday, they could enjoy storytelling during the morning. In the afternoon, the kids made a pirate hat. They could practice fine and gross motor skills cutting and gluing it. Some kids wanted to play pirates and draw a treasure map. In the middle of the week, they started the day with a walking trip around the neighborhood looking for teddy bears. During the walk, they visited some friends who stayed at home, where they waved at us from the window. In total, they found twelve teddy bears! After having lunch, the kids could make rainbow paper/paint craft. They developed fine and gross motor skills using fingers to place all over the rainbow the pieces of paper or make the pincer grip with a brush. In addition, they learned the order of the colors along the rainbow. On Thursday, it was play day. The kids could play several types of games divided into different groups. The older ones began to decorate the window with different crafts. They created grass, ladybugs, flowers… It starts to look so nice! On the last day of the week, they could enjoy a music day. While the music was playing, the kids had to draw which was the transmitted feeling at that moment. The music playlist was diverse, from rock hits to classical music. It was a different and great way to express the emotions/feelings. It was a really good week.


Next week for Minis, Midis and Maxis

MON    WALKING TRIP (leaving at 9.30)



THU     EASTER PARTY (wearing something yellow, white, grey or pink)



Muuta huomioitavaa / Other information:

•                          Pakila Ankkalampi-Duckies numbers:

MAXIT/VASTAAVA 050 3046677, MIDIT 050 4724034, MINIT 050 4010706

•                          email: pakila@ankkalampi-ankdammen.fi

Heli, Paula, Jani, Stella, Kairi &Angelyn