Like the Mini’s themselves, this was a short but busy week. We had a little painting time on Monday and on Tuesday rode the tram downtown to look at the beautiful lights on Aleksanterinkatu and the awesome window display at the Stockmann department store. On Wednesday we had our last Muskari of 2019 and finally on Thursday morning we enjoyed the company of our grandparents while we decorated gingerbread cookies, drank glögi and sang.

MINIEN suunnitelmat seuraavalle viikolle:

MA: Fine Motor Skills morning / Hieno motoriikka- harjoituksia

TI: Christmas Arts and Crafts / Jouluaskartelua

KE: Children’s Choice Activity / Lasten toivepäivä

TO: Multicultural books and songs / Kansainväliset kirjat ja laulut

PE: Park Morning / Puistoperjantai


The week got off to a cold and beautiful start which we spent as usual in the forest. It was a chilly time that we spent finding ice and other natural wonders. On Tuesday we baked more than 100 gingerbread cookies for the grandparent’s morning and then on Wednesday we had our final Muskari of 2019. The Maxi’s also had their regular Viskarin with Kirsi and the Midi’s made colourful snowfakes from coffee filters. Lastly on Thursday we had a great time with our grandparents when they visited to celebrate Independence Day with us. We decorated and ate gingerbread cookies, drank glögi and sang for them. A wonderful morning.

MIDI´s & MAXI´s plans for the next week:

Mon: Metsämörri retki, muista pienet eväät. Lähdemme päiväkodilta klo 9.00 / Metsämörri trip, remember to bring small snack. We leave at 9.00

Tue: Christmas Arts and Crafts / Jouluaskartelua

Wed: Trip to see Xmas lights downtown. We leave at 9.00 / Retki Stockmannin jouluikkunalle

. Lähdemme päiväkodilta klo 9.00

Thu: Children’s Choice Activity / Lasten toivepäivä

Fri: Physical Education / Liikuntaa

Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: Midi-Maxit p.050-400 8254 & Minit p.050-462 7943.
  • Our phone numbers: Midi-Maxi´s p.050-400 8254 & Mini´s p.050-462 7943.

Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!  

Munkkiniemen Ankkalampi-Duckies henkilökunta-staff