Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       23.11 - 27.11.2020

Viikkokirje 48



This week, our Minis got to know a couple of new friends that will be joining in our group. We are happy to welcome Netta and Alma to our Duckies family! On Monday, we had our story day and Mari read a book about friendship, a lovely start of the week to welcome our new friends! We had a play day on Tuesday, it was a little bit more calm as only our Minis kept it this week in order for us to make sure we do not overwhelmed our new friends who are practicing we tried our best to do small group activities as possible. Wednesday, it was time to use our little hands; we hand-painted Italy’s flag and we call them, ‘’high five from Italy’’. Muskari day is always the highlight of the week nowadays. Our Minis get so excited just the thought of Paula’s name. This week our Minis danced to the tune of a jungle music, we had some animal guessing, a lot of dancing and a lot of fun and giggles- the most important part. It is always nice to have Paula around! Christmas is just around the corner, to end our week we put up our own Christmas tree together with the help of Maxis and our adults, our advent calendar is also now ready and the only thing remaining is for December to come quickly so we can start opening our calendar one by one. Our advent calendar consists of some exercises, stories, and fine-motor skills activities; we can’t wait! December has a lot of celebration instore for us- because of this we will resume our country-themed week next year and focus on our own events and culture here in Finland. Next week, it is all about Independence and Finland. See you on Monkey Monday! Have a relaxing weekend!  



Maxis started off their week with physical education and practiced our gross-motor skills with the help of Juuli. On Tuesday, we had a little bit of a short play day while we finished off our greeting cards to be sent to our dear ones. The next day, we had a short trip to the nearest post box to send our greeting cards. We took turns in putting in our own cards, there was a lot of excitement! Muskari on Thursday is the new talk of the group. Thursdays had been the new Friday for our Maxis and is the most exciting part of the week to date. We danced to the tune of jungle music this time and learned to count while singing. We played instruments, we have sung from the top of our lungs and have learned to be coordinated with each other with some familiar songs and dance. We also welcomed Olga as she is the latest addition to our group and to our Duckies family. Welcome Olga, we can’t wait for a lot of fun and giggle moments with you! To end our week, we put up our Christmas tree. We will be making arts and crafts for the ornaments to be put on our Christmas tree since we like it hand-made and personalized. Our advent calendar is also up, and we have lots of exciting activities for our Maxis. We will be practicing both our gross and fine-motor skills and listen to some Christmas stories. Our week have been rather easy to welcome our new friends and our new adults. Next week, slowly we will start going back to our usual routine and activities. We hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


MINIT - Ensi viikolla/Next Week:

Ma/Mon 30.11 –Satuhetki - Story Day

Ti/Tue 01.12 –Kädentaidot - Arts and Crafts (Finnish Flag)

Ke/Wed 02.12 – Liikunta- Indoor gym

To/Thu 03.12 – Paulan muskari! – Music with Paula!

Pe/Fri 04.12 – Independence Day ball (we will have a dance ball; kids can wear their choice of clothes)


MAXIT – Ensi viikolla/Next week:

Ma/Mon 30.11 – Liikunta - Physical education

Ti/Tue 01.12– Satuhetki- Story Day

Ke/Wed 02.12 – Kädentaitojenpäivä – Arts & Crafts (Independence Day- themed)

To/Thu 03.12 – Paulan muskari! – Music with Paula!

Pe/Fri 04.12 Independence Day ball (we will have a dance ball; kids can wear their choice of clothes)


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