Kapteenit aloittivat Sadonkorjuu-viikon teemaan liittyvien laulujen parissa. Lapset lauloivat innolla mm. "Vihanneslaulun" suomen sekä englannin kielellä, ”Popsi popsi porkkanaa” sekä ”Hedelmäsalaatin”. Tutkimme myös aiheeseen liittyviä kirjoja ja niiden värikkäitä kuvia erilaisista vihanneksista sekä hedelmistä. Tiistaina muskarissa ihasteltiin erityisesti rummuista lähtevää ääntä ja rytmiä. Tiistai päiväämme ilahdutti myös Cowboy-leikki (kuukauden teemaamme Pohjois-Amerikkaa silmällä pitäen), jossa lapset uppoutuivat roolivaatteiden avulla Cowboy-rooleihinsa innosta puhkuen. Keskiviikkona luvassa oli kasvis & hedelmäpainantaa kotoa tuoduilla sadonkorjuun herkuilla. Torstaina Kapteenit suuntasivat retkelle Kauppatorille tutkimaan mahdollisia sadonkorjuun tuotoksia. Paikalla oli tällä kertaa vain kourallinen myyjiä paikalla. Tämä ei kuitenkaan Kapteeneja haitannut, vaan ihastelimme innolla kaikkea näkemäämme. Näimme ainakin kahvilan, kalamyyjän, veneitä sekä monen monta ratikkaa. Kapteenit olivat innoissaan sateesta, ja etenkin kun iltapäivällä pääsimme leikkimään kuraleikkejä. Päätimme viikkomme Open Micin tahdeissa, ja tanssien Sadonkorjuu-juhlan kunniaksi. Pääsimme myös haistelemaan, maistelemaan ja herkuttelemaan erilaisilla kasviksilla.

Skipper’s week started with trip day! We set off for the market square, only to find out that it was closed. We followed our plan b and went to Alepa, which was just as exiting for the skippers! We bought some vegetables of the skippers own choosing and spoke about them during our English morning circle. On Tuesday, we were so proud of the skippers in muskari. On Wednesday, we celebrated harvest festival by doing paint stamps with different kinds of vegetables. It’s clear that the skippers common favorite vegetable is carrots! On Thursday, we practiced our performance skills with drama in the morning and open mic in the afternoon. And on Friday, we had our harvest party where we tasted and spoke about different kinds of vegetables!

The fast-learning Sailors kept advancing and deepening their adventures in the U.S.A., and this week we sailed along Mississippi River, the second longest river on the North American continent, all the way from the State of Illinois to the State of Tennessee where we started our tour in the Southern States to embrace their warm cultures inherited and melted from several European countries and to get familiar with more musical genres. We got familiar with the lively “Music City” Nashville by listening to Johnny Cash singing Country, Rock and Roll, Folk, Blues and Gospel etc. In the famous City of “Big Easy” and the birthplace of Jazz Music, New Orleans Louisiana, we experienced swinging with the sentimental feeling while listening to the entire album of “Ella and Louis” in which the “First Lady of Song” and the “Queen of Jazz” Ella Fitzgerald sang with New Orleans born Louis Armstrong who also blowing his trumpet like magic. We also enjoyed our free play time with heart-warming Christmas songs sung by Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. We read together the vintage posters of Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and cities in these Southern States to get to know their beautiful nature and rich history. On the cooking, decorating and munching day with the help of Jamie Oliver’s simply and delicious recipe of pancake USA stylie, the talented Viskaris measured the powder poured from the box of “All American Pancake Mix” and milk, and stirred them with 2 egg yolks. We also whisked the 2 egg whites until they became quite foamy, and stirred them rest of the batter together. Every Sailor in turn went to the kitchen and cooked their own pancake by pour olive oil and batter onto a frying pan, and the whole stack of 9 golden pancakes looked already very appetising when it was brought to the classroom. With Canadian maple syrup as glue, we decorated own pancakes with red, white and blue edible stars, blueberries and whipped cream. Voila! a piece of yummy southern flavour was ready and Bon appetite! Fascinating stories of the fearless American aviator Amelia Earhart and the extremely intelligent and brave NASA physicist and mathematician Katherine Johnson encouraged us to dream big! Next week, we will travel by horses and wagons to the Wild Wild West to meet Native Americans and cowboys and celebrate Halloween with them together! For celebrating harvest with our vegetable friends Mr. Sweet Potato, mini pumpkins, carrots, potato, eggplant, parsnip and squash, we actively leant their English and Finnish names by playing the relay race and orienteering at our Outdoor Gymnastics, and we also practised 2 more Yoga movements “Crab” and “Fox” that can be seen easily in Southern States. On our trip day to South Harbour, we couldn’t find any fruit and vegetable stalls at Market Square, so we instead enjoyed shopping for our favourite fruits and vegetables at Alepa grocery store. Each of us chose 2 kinds, so in total we brought 14 different kinds of new fresh friends back to the Day Care for making harvest costumes with other fresh friends brought from home as well! We turned ourselves into a lettuce bird, kings, queens, princes and princesses of the Fruits and the Vegetables and a unicorn.




Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 26.10. Musiikkituokio/Music moment.

Ti / Tue 27.10. Muskari & Cowboy-leikki/Muskari & Cowboy-play.

Ke / Wed 28.10. Kädentaidot/Arts & Crafts.

To / Thu 29.10. Leivontaa & Open Mic/ Baking & Open Mic.

Pe / Fri 30.10. Halloween-juhlat/Halloween party.


Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 26.10. Retki lähiympäristöön. Lähtö 9.30/ Field trip. We leave 9.30

Ti / Tue 27.10. Muskari

Ke / Wed 28.10. Kädentaidot/ Arts & Crafts

To / Thu 29.10. Leivontaa/ Baking

Pe / Fri 30.10. Halloween Party


Seilorit / The Sailors

Mon. 26.10 Arts and Crafts: North American Native American headdress.

Tue. 27.10 Muskari Music School 9:00-9:45 & Outdoor Gymnastics.

Wed. 28.10 Walking trip leaving at 9:30 from the Park.

Thu. 29.10 Singing Moment: Halloween.

Fri. 30.10 Halloween Party.


Have a nice autumn weekend!

The Staff of Kruununhaka Ankkalampi-Duckies