MINIS’ last week:

This week we enjoyed our music class and story times as usual. We played a lot in the rain and made mud cakes, as well as did some handprint arts’ n’ crafts. Our favourite part was the trip to the forest and turtle park where we got to notice the first signs of autumn. Have a good one everybody!

Minis’ next week:

14.9 Leikkipäivä / Play day

15.9 Jumppa / Gym Class

16.9 Muskari 9:45 / Music class at 9:45

17.9 Kävelyretki / Forest trip

18.9 Satuhetki / Story time

MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

As the culture theme continues, we found it important to celebrate the children’s own culture as well. Finland! The children practised the whole week to sing the national anthem of Finland. They succeeded in remembering the words and singing along. We also learned more about the Finnish islands, looked at some pictures and learned a few of the most important names. For arts and crafts we made a beautiful Finnish forest, which parents can admire now in the entrance. Besides this, we also had fun activities like soccer, a trip to the park and our ever favorite; going to the park!

Midis and Maxis next week:

31.8 Kulttuuri / Culture (Russian week)

1.9 Muskari / Music class

2.9 Askartelu / Arts and crafts (Russian dolls)

3.9 Liikuntaleikit / Physical Education

4.9 Retki / Trip



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