The week was full of hearts, friends and fun! We started the week with Valentine´s Day preparations and made cards for everyone. We had a sweet Valentine’s Day celebration on Thursday. We started the morning with a fishing game where everyone got a special card. We enjoyed a great sunny outing and had some juice and cookies outside as well. Later on we got to eat the granola bars that the 1st cooking class baked for all of us. This week we have also talked about friendships, created a friendship cake with full of good thoughts, sang many songs in music class and played a lot together.

Ensi viikko: / Next week:

Mon 18.2 Talvi-askartelua / Winter arts&crafts

Tue 19.2 Kirjastoretki/ Trip to library

Wed 20.2 Pulkkamäki (säävaraus) / Sledding (weather permitting)

Thu 21.2 Pienryhmäpäivä ja leikkiä / Small groups and play day

Fri 22.2 Leikkipäivä - Play day



Friendship’s week was so much fun! We started on Monday the celebrations by making our own beautiful tree of hearts and, of course, the valentine’s party was the best moment of the week! Music, dance, balloons and some treats made it a perfect day along with all the hugs and love we shared!

Ensi viikko / Next week:

Mon 18.2 Jääukon valmistus / Making a Iceman

Tue 19.2 Oma Muskari klo:9:45 / Own Music class at 9:45

Wed 20.2 Pienryhmän satutuokio / Small group story time

Thu 21.2 Retki soittamaan xylofonia /Trip to play the xylophone

Fri 22.2 Leikkipäivä / Play day


Tärkeät päivämäärät:

20.2 Coffee to go 8-9



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