What a happy week we had! It was the week when music classes started for this term. The children were all so excited. We also finished our “you, me, us” art work and placed them to decorate our room. Gym class was held in Smed’s field. We warmed up by playing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” and with some other exercise rhymes. After that we played line running and movement games. The week also included lots of playing indoors and outside.

Ensi viikko: / Next week:

Mon 19.8 Liikkari – liikuntaleikit / Outdoor gym games

Tue 20.8 Muskari – ryhmä 1 / pienryhmäpäivä / Music class group 1 /small groups

Wed 21.8 Lähiseuturetki, eväät mukaan / Trip day (small snacks)

Thu 22.8 Pienryhmäpäivä / Muskari ryhmä 2 / Small group / Music class goup 2

Fri 23.8 Leikkipäivä / Play day



This week started with some rain drops arts’n’crafts to match with the rainy weather and all the fun we had playing in the paddles! On Tuesday we started our music class and all the minis were so happy about it. We continued the week with our trip to Turtle park and enjoyed some more games in the rain on Friday. The fire drill was also practised this week and everybody was so calm, yet excited about it! Well done minis! 

Ensi viikko: / Next week:

Mon 26.8 Leikkipäivä / Play day

Tue 27.8 Muskari / Music class

Wed 28.8 Satuhetki / Story time

Thu 29.8 Lähiseuturetki / Trip day

Fri 30.8 Leikkipäivä / Play day


Tärkeitä päivämääriä:

Torstai 12.9 Vanhempainilta klo 17.15-18.30

Keskiviikko 16.10 Syyskahvit klo 15.30-17



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