MINIS’ last week:

A week full of Christmas songs and feeling as we put up our decorations, X-mas tree and lights and it even snowed on Friday! Our little minis were sooo excited about it all! Music class and a lot of playing with our friends as always on schedule, along with story times and a visit to the open day care’s yard. We also prepared the cards to send next week to the grandparents with so much love and care! As part of our culture theme we got to try some traditional treat named ‘Polvoron’ from the Philippines and everybody loved it! Looking already forward to next week’s hämäränhyssy!

Minis’ next week:

23.11 Leikki- ja kulttuuripäivä / Play and culture day

24.11 Muskari / Music Class

25.11 Jumppa / Gym class

26.11 Retkipäivä, lähto 9:00 / Trip day, leaving at 9am

27.11 Hämäränhyssy

MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

It was Filipino week in the Midi-Maxi group. We learned about the Filipino culture, their languages and saw beautiful pictures of all the islands. We made ‘Polvoron’ together with Maureen. We all had a taste and loved it! Besides our culture week, we also made some arts and crafts for the grandparents. We’ll still continue next week. During our feeling circle we learned about the jealous fox (Kateellinen kettu). All children were involved in role play, while Karen was the jealous fox. The children all had a good laugh about it.

Midis and Maxis next week:

23.11 Emergency services and whistling

24.11 Muskari / Viskari

25.11 Nature day + Arts and crafts

26.11 Gymnastics

27.11 Hämäränhyssy



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