This week we started our ocean/water project. The children got to paint and listen stories about the ocean. They all had a lot of questions and we had really good conversations about it. We have also had music&movement and we all had a blast! The week ended with a toy day, yay!

Ensi viikko/Next week:

20.1 Meri kädentaidot / Ocean arts&crafts

21.1 KauMon muskari – Pienryhmä/ KauMo Music class – Small group

22.1 Koko ryhmän liikkari / Gym

23.1 Aamupäivän ulkoilu -KauMon muskari IP/ Morning outing – Kaumo music class

24.1 Viskari klubi – Leikki päivä / Viskari Club – Play day



This week was another ”getting to know each other” week. A lot of playing in – and outdoors together and it looks like we’ve started getting some good friends already. We got to enjoy some books, songs and dances together as well!

Ensi viikko / Next week

20.1 Talvi askartelua / Winter arts’ n’ crafts

21.1 Muskari / Music class

22.1 Satuhetki / Story time

23.1 Kävelyretki / Walking trip

24.1 Leikkipäivä / Play day



Tulevat tapahtumat/Upcoming events:

19.2 Coffee to go klo:8-9



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