Viikkokirje vk 43/20

MIDIT: Tällä viikolla olemme viettäneet sadonkorjuu viikkoa. Maanantaina teimme maalaukset käyttäen apuna perunoita ja porkkanoita. Tiistaina meillä oli satujumppaa. Pienet kalat olivat eksyneet kotoaan ja pääsimme mahtavalle seikkailulle meren syvyyksiin. Keskiviikkona oli muskari ja Midikerho. Midikerhossa luettiin kirjaa ja käytiin keskustelua englanniksi. Torstaina kävimme metsäretkellä viemässä metsätontulle tekemämme kirjeen, toivottavasti saamme pian vastauksen. Iltapäivällä pidimme ensimmäisen lastenkokouksen. Lastenkokouksessa lapset pääsivät ehdottamaan tulevia retkikohteita ja vaikuttamaan toiminnan suunnitteluun. Perjantaina juhlimme yhdessä sadonkorjuujuhlaa, maistelimme erilaisia vihanneksia ja lauloimme syksyisiä lauluja. Mukavaa viikonloppua kaikille!

MAXIT: This week we started with a couple of fun crafts, the children were able do both crafts if they had time. One craft was making a paper pumpkin by first drawing and then cutting and the other was printing with apple pieces, both very good for fine motor skills and coordination. On Tuesday the 2015 Maxis had Viskari where they practised counting objects and matching them to written numbers, this was all done with lego which made it extra fun. The viskari also made a family house craft that required drawing, cutting and folding and afterwards played some Alias. The 2016 Maxis had a music session in English, practising playing instruments loud and quietly, finding parts of the body, showing ‘up’ and ‘down’ and also trying out the guitar where they found the chords for Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ were ringing out! On Wednesday we had our usual visit from Ulla to teach music to the children and a little extra rain song and English storybook for Midi-Kerho. On Thursday the weather was really wet and as the children were enjoying the puddles and mud so much, we gave them the choice of whether they’d stay to play in the yard some more or leave for walking trip. The children were split about half and half in their choices! When we came inside we had a very fun circle time with Alexis who is having her practical studies with our group right now. Alexis’s circle had for example a game where the children would tell their name based on a clue about the colour that they are wearing and some active play to get everyone moving. On Friday we celebrated harvest with some fun activities that gave an opportunity to learn the names of vegetables.

MESTARIT: This week we started on Monday having our art and crafts day where we painted squirrels with watercolours, cut and stack them on brown cardboards and we did a very fluffy tail for them: we stack some of the leaves we picked in our trips to the forest! We loved doing the squirrels and playing with them the next day. We also stack them in our autumn window, to the tree we painted a couple of weeks ago. Our squirrels sometimes move to another place in the tree! On Tuesday we had our weekly music and movement session and this time was about the seasons: we had a warm-up for fingers and hands because after it we practised sign language: we learned to say the name of the seasons with American sign language and we also tried to represent each season with our hands. After that, we kept improvising and representing the seasons with different objects we could find in our room while we could hear the song played in the piano about the different seasons. On Wednesday, we had a very productive day: we first had an ukulele session, we were very focused and interested in playing. Then we had our weekly Maths sessions where we practised to recognize patterns. And after that, we did our weekly trip, we went walking to the forest nearby and played in a skatepark we found the last time and we thought it was really fun! On Thursday we had a longer inside play in the morning and then we went to play to Tuorinniemi park. In the afternoon we coloured our mandalas during quite time and some of us we also did some masks after it. On Friday we had the harvest party with the rest of the Duckies in our unit.




MON 26.10. Halloween askartelu

TUE 27.10. Retki, lähtö 9:30

WED 28.10. Muskari, Midikerho

THU 29.10. Halloween juhlat

FRI 30.10. Leluteatteri


MON 26.10. We will have indoor aerobic exercise

TUE 27.10. 2015 born Maxis: Will have Viskari and an Autumn craft

                    2016 born Maxis: Will have musical play

WED 28.10. We will have music school with Ulla

THU 29.10. Halloween party

FRI 30.10. We will take a trip in the local area (9:30)


MON 16.10. Arts and crafts: Halloween crafts to decorate our room

TUE 27.10. Music and movement session

WED 28.10. Ukulele and maths session

THU 29.10. Halloween and Castanyada party and baking some panellets (Catalan traditional dessert for All Saints day)

FRI 30.10. We will take a trip in the local area (9:30)


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta ja hyvää viikonloppua toivottaen,

Aixa, Steve, Mira, Pati, Marizen ja Tiina

MIDIT & MAXIT: 050 401 9229

MESTARIT: 050 523 9066