This week started off with a wet and soggy day. We had intended to go skating but took the opportunity to do a craft with Karla that day. Tuesday, it was still warm so we decided to bake cookies in preparation for our Friendship Day party with our grandparents. Wednesday was the party. It great to see all the grandparents and family members come and join in the activities with the children. We were so happy to see them all with us and the children were very excited! We learned three new songs with the children to get them used to the idea of rhyming and word play. They will be sung over the next several weeks. Friday was an absolute blast! We took our time going to the rink at Rautatientori and had a relaxing skate with all the other locations. We at snack there and came back just in time for our nap time. The children showed visible improvement in their abilities to skate and they were very polite with the other teachers there. 


MA 18.2. Toy Day: There will also be an obstacle course.

TI 19.2. Recycling Craft!

KE 20.2. Coffee 2 Go: Tuoriniemi Trip. 9:30

TO 21.2. 2014 born children to Itäkeskus library. Everyone else will go skating. (9:30)

PE 22.2. Karla’s full house circle.






This week we started with Elise running the kids through the Finnish version of ‘The wheels on the bus’ song and then discussing with the kids how buses compare to cars relating to environmental impacts using pictures and simple explanations. On Tuesday Pati was unable to come from the Minis so the Sailors had some organised play with partners that they play with less often, a chance to form a fresh friendship and enjoy new ideas. On Wednesday the children helped to separate and measure out cookie dough for baking before we welcomed our guests for the Friendship Day party. On Thursday we visited Tuorinniemi, though skating was not possible due to poor quality ice we played on the jungle gym equipment together and had great fun building strength and balance. On Friday we sang together in a music circle.


MA 18.2. Toy Day: Bring a toy from home, we’ll also have some English songs.

TI 19.2. Valencia will visit from the Minis for an activity.       

KE 20.2. Coffee 2 Go, we’re offering coffee in the morning!

TO 21.2. 2014 born children to Itäkeskus library (9:00). Everyone else will have organised play.

PE 22.2. Karla’s full house circle



Muuta huomioitavaa!   

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20.2. Coffee 2 Go

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Elise, Blaine, Steve, Karla & Marizen