Merileijonat – Sea Lions (3-4 years old)

This week we have worked on our self-portrait project. The portraits are full body so we’ve been lying down and having a friend draw around us from head to toes. After that we have coloured and drawn inside our body shape. We will continue this project still next week during free moments. We had a visit from Valencia who helped us with the project on Tuesday. We took a walk in the rain and wind on Wednesday instead of going to the ladybird play-park, the weather was very difficult but we made the most of the experience. On Thursday we enjoyed our ‘broken but loved’ toys theme where we showed a few well used toys with good stories. On Friday we had a circle time together with Aixa.


MA 20.1. We will make a friendship bracelet for a friend.

TI 21.1. We will have animal yoga!

KE 22.1. We will go to a playpark (9:30)

TO 23.1. TOY DAY. Bring a toy that has the colour pink.

PE 24.1. We will have free play and games.


Delfiinit – Dolphins (5-6 years old)

This week started very busy: on Monday morning, after the morning circle, we had a music and movement session with Aixa where we learned 3 different songs. One of the songs was about the months of the year which we are practising now relating them to our recent theme “birthdays”. In the afternoon, Eskari did their Maths workbook session with Aixa, that they are going to do weekly from this January. On Tuesday we did our weekly trip, this time to the library in Herttoniemi, where we returned the book we borrowed before Christmas and picked a new book each of us. This time the book had to be related to winter. On Wednesday we did the weekly craft: we created our own birthday duck where they wrote their names and day and month of the birthday (in numbers). On Wednesday afternoon, Eskari had their Finnish workbook session with Elise. On Thursday, we did the morning circle together but then we split the group: Eskari did different activities with Aixa and Viskari with Elise. On Thursday afternoon, we started our Muskari again and this time some of us had the ukulele session. They really enjoyed with their new ukuleles! On Friday, we had another music session where we continued singing and the songs we started learning on Monday, doing different activities and movements associated to them. It has been a very busy and productive week!


MA 20.1. Gymnastics session

TI 21.1. Trip to the park in Hakaniemi, leaving at 9:00

KE 22.1. Birthday wall display craft/activity. Mestari-Ankat: bring your own empty water bottle

TO 23.1. TOY DAY. Viskari with Elise. Eskari with Aixa

PE 24.1. Music session




Elise, Steve, Nitte, Aixa & Marizen


Muuta huomioitavaa!  

• Puhelinnumero: Dolphins 050 523 9066 & Sea Lions 050 401 9229