On Monday we did some paintings using toilet paper rolls we used autumn colours; red, yellow, orange and children also mixed colours, so for example we got brown colour. On Tuesday we had storytime in English and we also had our first music lesson in the evening. Everyone was so excited about it. On Wednesday we went to the beach park (Tuorinniemen leikkipuisto) with Preschoolers. On Thursday we had a toy day and children were allowed to bring their favourite book from home. We also read books during the morning circle and evening circle. Friday was a full house circle with Elise and we also had free play time.


MA 26.8. Pencil tasks

TI 27.8. Storytime in English

KE 28.8. Field Trip with Preschoolers, leaving 9:30

TO 29.8. Toy Day (bring your favourite sleep toy)

PE 30.8. Group Day: some musical play with the Minis



This week we started with a walk past the beach into the woods to look for natural materials to use for painting artwork. On the way we found lots of puddles that were fun to walk through and splash a little. On Tuesday we used the materials we had collected the previous day as interesting paint brushes and made unusual strokes as we painted pictures. On Wednesday the 2014 born children had Viskari where they talked about family and drew a picture of their closest relatives. We also played some vocabulary games in English that involved movement to help aid recollection later. On Thursday we enjoyed a book themed toy day where we shared out favourite books and read them together. Friday was a full house circle with Elise and some more reading books that we’re brought for Thursday.


MA 26.8. Parachute play.

TI 27.8. Blaine is visiting and he has an activity planned for the group.

KE 28.8. VISKARI: Blaine will have a nature themed exercise.

TO 29.8. TOY DAY: Bring a toy for free-play & show and tell.

PE 30.8. GROUP DAY: We will have some musical play with the Minis.



The Preschool started the week off by having an Arts and Crafts day in which the students made circle art. On Tuesday we started their workbook and in the afternoon the students enjoyed their first music lesson. On Wednesday we went to the beach park and played in the morning. On Thursday students brought their own toys and the students played and shared their toys with other students. We also enjoyed story time in the afternoon. On Friday we started the letter C and discussed which words begin with C


MA 26.8. Arts and Crafts day

TI 27.8. Workbook and Music Day

KE 28.8. Field Trip in the morning (leaving at 9.30) and the letter C activity in the afternoon.

TO 29.8. Toy Day in the morning and starting the letter D in the afternoon.

PE 30.8. Group Day in the morning and doing the letter E in the afternoon.




Elise, Steve, Nitte, Tim & Marizen



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