Delfiinit – Dolphins & Merileijonat – Sea Lions


This week we have been the two groups together as they are few kids. On Monday we did more sunflowers and daisies for a new garden we stack on the window of the Merileijonat´s room. On Tuesday we had a music and art session where we learned a song about a rainbow and we painted each of us a rainbow on a recycled cardboard following the lines. They are really beautiful! On Wednesday morning we went to play to the sports park. On Thursday we planted some Easter grass in glass pots that we decorated ourselves with egg shells. On Thursday morning we had our first online live session experience with the preschool group! It went really well so we are now organizing how and when to do more with all the groups. On Friday we went for a walk around our area. We have had long lasting playing inside every day.


MA 6.4. Egg colouring activity

TI 7.4. Chick craft

KE 8.4. Trip to the sports park. Leaving at 10:00.

TO 9.4. Easter puzzle hunt

PE 10.4. Closed!



Elise, Steve, Nitte, Aixa & Marizen


Muuta huomioitavaa!  

• Tärkeitä päivämääriä: 30.4. Vappu Party, 7.5. Mother’s Day Party, 27.5. Spring Party

• Puhelinnumero: Dolphins 050 523 9066 & Sea Lions 050 401 9229