Merileijonat – Sea Lions (3-4 years old)

This week we began by making a winter window painting of a snowman in our room, we also played a counting game that allows good turn taking practice. On Tuesday the children continued the window painting and chose some calm play in groups. On Wednesday we visited Itäkeskus to see the Christmas decorations and visit the library. Try to ask your children if they remember what kind of decorations there were in Itis, for example big heart shaped lights and a giant shoe. On Thursday we had our Independence Day party with party clothes, juice and fun music to dance to.


MA 9.12. We will paint snowflakes on the window and make a star craft.

TI 10.12. CHRISTMAS PARTY (15:30)

KE 11.12. TRIP: We will take a walk to spot Christmas decorations (9:30) and have some dancing games.

TO 12.12. TOY DAY: Bring an old Christmas gift. We will also make an elf craft.

PE 13.12. Free play.


Delfiinit – Dolphins (5-6 years old)

This week started very busy: on Monday morning we split the group into two halves and one half rehearsed the songs and movements for our Christmas concert while the other group drew Finnish flags to do a banner to decorate one of our dining rooms. We swapped the groups afterwards and they all got to do both sessions. On Tuesday, Viskari went to a trip to visit the surroundings of the Herttoniemi Mansion while Eskari stayed doing the workbook with Ulla. On Wednesday, Viskari did a craft for the concert while Eskari continued their workbook and, later, we all rehearsed the songs together. On Thursday, we had a special morning: we celebrated Finland´s Independence Day and we performed the ceremony like they do in Linnan juhla. We had a presidential couple, and we all went one by one to shake hands on the red carpet with our special dresses and afterward we had a party where we sang and danced a lot! We also drank some juice. We had so much fun on the dance floor! Even if it has been a shorter week, it has been very busy and fun!  


MA 9.12. Craft and decorations for the concert and rehearsal

TI 10.12. Gingerbread baking and Christmas concert/party

KE 11.12. Trip: see the lights in Esplanadi + Christmas market, leaving 9.20

TO 12.12. Toy day. Free play

PE 13.12. Mestari Ankka: trip to Ankkalampi Töölö to the Eskari Christmas Party (leaving at 9.00)



Elise, Steve, Nitte, Aixa, Ulla & Marizen


Muuta huomioitavaa!  

• Puhelinnumero: Dolphins 050 523 9066 & Sea Lions 050 401 9229

• Tärkeitä päivämääriä:

            10.12. Joulujuhla – Christmas Party at 15.30