Viikkokirje vk 32/20


Tämä viikko on alkanut rauhallisissa merkeissä, olemme leikkineet erilaisia tutustumisleikkejä ja laulaneet lauluja suomeksi sekä Englanniksi. Olemme ulkoilleet paljon ja kävimme myös kävelyretkellä ihmettelemässä kaunista luontoamme. Mahtava ensimmäinen viikko takana!

This week we have gotten to know each other along with the whole unit. We have had some gym activities inside and outside, sung songs together in English and Finnish, talked about our feelings and walked outside in the local area. We also had a quick visit to a bigger playpark nearby which we’ll be doing again this following week.

Ensi viikolla:


MA Kädentaidot

TI Midi-kerho

KE Ulkojumppa

TO Retkipäivä, lähtö 9:30

PE Musiikkipiiri


MON: We will have outside gym

TUES: We will start our weekly Viskari programme

WEDS: We will have a trip (9:30)

THURS: We will make handprints

FRI: We will have a Maxi/Midi music circle (10:15)



With the new pre-schoolers we have been using days together in a way that they can have more common time with the other ages and get to know the new kids. On Monday we had a morning circle together and some music. On Tuesday we had our own morning circle in our room and talked about what our new preschool routines and spaces will be. We also played different board games in little groups, it was a really nice time. On Wednesday, we took advantage of the sunny morning and we went to play to the park in Tuorinniemi, which they always love. In the afternoon we all played a new board game (Linnan valtias). On Thursday, we had our first morning circle the 6 of us, a new song with the piano and we also played in small groups playing some different board games and puzzles. It has been a very nice and calm “welcome back” week.

Next week:

MON Tuorinniemi park / Organizing our new room

TUE Arts: our name / Decorating our new room

WED Arts: hand print

THU Preschool starts at 9.00 / Trip to Tuorinniemi beach (bring water bottle and a small towel) / Deciding and writing our preschool rules

FRI Music and movement session / Board games


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta ja hyvää viikonloppua toivottaen,

Tiina, Aixa, Steve, Mira, Pati ja Marizen.


MIDIT & MAXIT: 050 401 9229

MESTARI-ANKAT: 050 523 9066