This week as a lot of fun! Throughout the week we prepared for our Christmas party which went very well. The children were busy singing, making decorations, and decorating cookies. We were happy to see so many of you come and enjoy the show! Friday we had a house circle with Blaine.


MA 17.12. Christmas stories!!

TI 18.12. Calisthenics!

KE 19.12. Trip to new library! 9.15

TO 20.12. Toy Day

PE 21.12. Elise’s house circle!





This week was all about celebrating our friendly community of families and staff over this Christmas period. We’ve prepared ourselves for hosting you all at the party by decorating the kindergarten and learning to perform the songs and actions guided by our music teacher Elisa. We’ve also had an energetic gym session with Nelli this week after which the children received lots of compliments for their effort.


MA 17.12. We will go for a walk

TI 18.12. Minna will visit from the Minis

KE 19.12. We will bake a strawberry-chocolate cake

TO 20.12. Toy Day: We will also go to Tuorinniemi playpark

PE 21.12. Elise will have a full house circle



Muuta huomioitavaa!   

• Puhelinnumero: Anchors 050 523 9066 & Sailors 050 401 9229



Elise, Blaine, Steve, Karla & Ella