Herttoniemenrannan Duckies - art & drama all year round

Duckies at Herttoniemenranta is a small unit with comfortable & homely feel with beautiful ocean views. Here at Duckies we concentrate on self expression, dancing, handcrafts, art and cultural pursuits.

Bilingual environment
Duckies is bilingual unit where teachers speak both Finnish and English, so children are exposed to both languages on daily basis. The aim is to provide a safe, happy environment for children using English as the language of instruction and communication. We believe that young children at this age have the ability to learn a second language in a fun, friendly and creative atmosphere. Our weekly schedule is filled with all sorts of activities because we believe that the language is best taught by doing :)

Outdoor activities, art and drama
Duckies at Herttoniemenranta utilize our wonderful natural surroundings by making regular trips to local parks, forests and beaches. We won’t miss our “weekly nature walk” no matter if it is raining or not! Sometime it feels that our unit is a galley filled with the most wonderful art crafts done by our children. Not to mention our “famous” windows that gets new outlook every month by the theme we have. Learning by acting and improvising gives to story sessions the nice drama aspect that children loves!

At Duckies everyone is friends and it feels like one big happy family <3

Welcome to Duckies,

Jenni & Adeline